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--- Quote from: Thiebs on December 02, 2013, 10:35 ---Though, while I'm on a rant here, lemme rattle off an idea (greatly inspired/stolen from an Android game called Hoplite) which would make melee fights (if those would be a thing in Jupiter Hell) more interesting: make melee attacking/defending based on the last move action the character took. Moving toward the target would be full offense. Moving away would be full defense. Moving along side would be some offense, greater chance to dodge. Standing in place would be balanced. Every time you end a move in a space adjacent to an enemy, you automatically make a melee attack (if you have a melee weapon/fists). For multiple enemies, you would be prompted to choose which. So if you moved between two enemies to reach a third, you could do a full attack on that one, while having a greater chance to dodge the sides. Or you could back away from one enemy to attack another. This would take some balancing, of course, and would probably be better in a melee-oriented game than a shooter, since it would be significantly more noticeable there.

--- End quote ---

And this, Thiebs, is how it's done :)

If the stuff you've been seeing and hearing about Jupiter Hell so far leaves you inspired in any way, feel free to share any spark on this thread. Whether it's about items, monsters, systems, levels, bits of story, just let it all out. If, like Thiebs above, you have clearly gotten your inspiration from another game/story/movie/etc, please state which.

Any idea goes, even it's in the vein of DoomRL's Horrible Ideas Thread.

Impress us!

Awesome! I'll keep the ol' noggin churning, and we'll see if I have any more ideas. Thanks!

Was just watching one of the Mortem post videos (this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEGKushTuBQ&feature=youtu.be, from Sylph), and noticed for the first time that one can fire a round into nothing as a way to skip less than a second. Why not just make the wait command skip the smallest time increment by default, then, if it's needed, give a second, less conveniently placed button for skipping 1, 5, 100 or however many is appropriate seconds? Dungeon Crawl already has two buttons for this, I just never got why someone was physically incapable of standing still for less than a second at a time.

This has also been the subject of debate for DoomRL itself - at least, I assume you're posting this as an idea for Jupiter Hell, judging by the thread you're posting it into. Good point, though if you ask me. Anybody know what the status for this in regard to DoomRL is?

Kornel Kisielewicz:
It's too meta to be fun. Offers some tactical depth, but would also introduce unfun counting. The game should be fast and streamlined, not a time-related sudoku.


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