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I would assume that you would start with at least 1 ammo box, probably one of each (common) type? Doesn't seem like you'd need over 50 shells at any given time in the first few levels of most any game, since you'll be finding more loose ones all the time. And I'd also assume that ammo boxes would probably be slightly more common than in Doomrl, as they don't also provide fast reloads. Right?

Kornel Kisielewicz:
The first box would come with each time you pick up a weapon needing ammo that you don't have. Actually you reminded me of an important thing I didn't include in the post... Updated the opening post with:

--- Quote ---4. Items on floor

Here's a biggie -- I think about removing items on floor altogether. Items can be found on (highlighted) corpses, lockers, boxes, etc. Dropped items get destroyed. This would prevent doing tedious stash micromanagement, and increase the pace of the game. Also, it'd work well with the boxes idea -- players wont be tempted to do tedious backtracking to get ammo they left behind and couldn't pick up. This is probably the most controversial decision, but it would (IMHO) benefit the game much. 

--- End quote ---

That's a big thing to leave out! This means that levels can be gone back to later, or am I reading too much into that?

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Levels can be backtracked within a single episode.

Ah, I see. This would make 100% kills a bit easier, anyway, though I can't say I like my items mysteriously disappearing when I let go of them. Maybe just clear items when you leave a level?


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