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Here's an image of what I had in mind.

But I don't think it will work well if all the items share the same inventory space, a really long list will be a pain for navigation.

Oh, that nineties vibe <3

(But how does it translate to ASCII?)

Maybe it was mentioned before, but I'd like to be rid of ammo as done in DoomRL. Just have maximum capacity for each kind of ammo like Doom itself. For example 100 shells maximum. Outside the inventory, not an item within the inventory. Then you can introduce special items. For example, relatively rare shell boxes you can carry in inventory that, when you use them, add 30 shells to your ammo counter. As another example, shell attach├ęs can be carried that each increase your maximum shell capacity by 50 shells.

that might tweak the reloading system: guns don't actually contain ammo, but have to be "charged up" to be used. So a pistol and chaingun can be both fully loaded as long as you have 40 bullets. The pistol in Duke Nukem 3d works exactly like this - it just reloads so quickly you never think about it. This break from reality would so streamline gameplay that I wouldn't mind.

I've scanned this thread since my last post and it looks like devs are going for a doomrl-aliensrl kind cross-pollination. It's hard to give feedback when we don't know the structure of your game. But if it's like doomrl but pushed in the direction of aliensrl, then you might as well stick with the simple doomrl version of inventory, as I think it would've been better for aliensrl. Aliensrl-style would've been good for doomrl, but not so good for itself. Shallow ammo reserves are rather frustrating in aliensrl, where you'd go scavenge just because you ran out of 1 kind of ammo.

Suppose aliensrl had configurable inventory more like doomrl. I think people would end up configuring their inventory to suit their build. The typical pistol build is ammo-efficient but ends up in many emergencies, and prefers to travel through the medical tower, stocking up on medkits and gadgets. The typical heavy build eats up ammo like no tomorrow, so has to pack ammo at the expense of other utilities, preferring the storage tower. This heavy build is rather safe as long as you take proper precautions while exploring, and until you run out of ammo. As aliensrl stands now, after you max out your supplies (as is done periodically), whether you run out of ammo or other depends on your build.

Because in aliensrl all characters have to use up their supplies anyway, the players can/should be challenged with working out the ideal ammo/medkit+gadget ratio for their character, or dealing with an unfortunate sub-par ratio. This gameplay element doesn't really work in doomrl as it currently stands, because of abundant ammo and globes, forbidden backtracking, and because the inventory gathers clutter from mod-packs and clothing. I'd predict that aliensrl would be more fun and far more tactical with an open-ended inventory and Angel of Red Alert, do you?


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