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Malek Deneith:
No one remembers how it started. Even the oldest known scriptures describe the world around you as torn by a struggle between good and evil, light and dark. At times the forces of light prevail and the world enters a period of peace and prosperity, like in the times of an ancient unnamed empire described in crumbling texts studied by scholars, when two races united and brought civilization to lands around them. But the forces of darkness are never far away; always searching for a way to reestablish their dominance. Even the empire of old was unable to last on, eventually splitting into two separate ones - Arkhosia an Bael Turath, which then warred until one of the races got nearly wiped out and both lost their claim to glory, perhaps forevermore.

This cycle of civilization building up and getting torn down repeated many times, with last great empire, Nerath, coming from efforts of humans and ending with great war against marauding gnoll hordes. It has been over a century and a half since that time, and yet again honest folk are covering in their houses and barricading their towns to stave off monsters and brigands. To their rescue come Adventurers: great heroes born randomly - and worryingly rarely - with ability to tap into powers beyond mortal ken. Able to achieve feats unreachable for normal people, survive wounds that'd fell lesser men and sometimes even cheat death they face off against threats to civilization. And among these Adventurers... are you.

Elemental Damage Weapons
- Lightning Kopesh (Gosok) - Active
- Frost Dagger (Isirius) - Disabled
- Flaming Flail (Quill) - Active

Spoiler (click to show/hide)- 3,750 xp (starting)
- 240 xp (CotWK 1: Sky Raiders)
- 210 xp (CotWK 2: A Warm Welcome)

Total: 4,200/5,500
Stats Average For Campaign
Spoiler (click to show/hide)Note: "Attacks" is a shorthand for amount of targets you've damaged or attempted to damage by using various powers over the battle. If Quill used Cleave to hit two targets it means two "attacks" for stats (including one made without an attack roll). If Isirius hit a target with Flesh Rend and then again next round it also counts as two "attacks" as well.

Total Damage Dealt - 185
Damage Dealt / Battle - 92.50
Total Damage Taken - 19
Damage Taken / Battle - 9.50
Total Healing Done - 0
Healing Done / Battle - 0.00
Total Attacks - 16 (including 0 made without an attack roll)
Total Hits - 13 (81% accuracy)
Total Critical Hits - 3 (23% critical ratio)
Average Damage Per Round - 18.50
Average Damage Per Attack - 11.56

Gosok Skyborn
Total Damage Dealt - 80
Damage Dealt / Battle - 40.00
Total Damage Taken - 33
Damage Taken / Battle - 16.50
Total Healing Done - 30
Healing Done / Battle - 15.00
Total Attacks - 9 (including 0 made without an attack roll)
Total Hits - 7 (78% accuracy)
Total Critical Hits - 0 (0% critical ratio)
Average Damage Per Round - 8.00
Average Damage Per Attack - 8.89

Isirius Thray
Total Damage Dealt - 141
Damage Dealt / Battle - 70.50
Total Damage Taken - 82
Damage Taken / Battle - 41.00
Total Healing Done - 20
Healing Done / Battle - 10.00
Total Attacks - 13 (including 3 made without an attack roll)
Total Hits - 9 (90% accuracy)
Total Critical Hits - 0 (0% critical ratio)
Average Damage Per Round - 14.10
Average Damage Per Attack - 10.85

Total Damage Dealt - 155
Damage Dealt / Battle - 77.50
Total Damage Taken - 74
Damage Taken / Battle - 37.00
Total Healing Done - 53
Healing Done / Battle - 26.50
Total Attacks - 13 (including 0 made without an attack roll)
Total Hits - 10 (77% accuracy)
Total Critical Hits - 0 (0% critical ratio)
Average Damage Per Round - 15.50
Average Damage Per Attack - 11.92

Total Damage Dealt - 213
Damage Dealt / Battle - 106.50
Total Damage Taken - 29
Damage Taken / Battle - 14.50
Total Healing Done - 0
Healing Done / Battle - 0.00
Total Attacks - 16 (including 1 made without an attack roll)
Total Hits - 13 (87% accuracy)
Total Critical Hits - 2 (17% critical ratio)
Average Damage Per Round - 21.30
Average Damage Per Attack - 13.31

Overall Damage Done - 774
Overall Damage Received - 237
Overall Healing Done - 103
Monster of the campaign - Bortek (78 damage dealt)
Killing Blows
Spoiler (click to show/hide)Berak
- Bortek, Human Barbarian
- Decrepit Skeleton x 2
- Flesh-Crazed Zombie x 1
- Skeleton x 1
- Zombie Shambler x 1

Gosok Skyborn
- Dire Wolf x 1
- Flesh-Crazed Zombie x 1

Isirius Thray
- Dire Wolf x 1
- Gnome Illusionist x 1
- Zombie Shambler x 1

- Decrepit Skeleton x 2
- Zombie Shambler x 1

- Decrepit Skeleton x 1
- Skeleton x 2
- Zombie Shambler x 2
Map Legend

Status Icons

- "Hearts Icon" will be used as indication for regeneration
- Bloodied isn't present on the above list - it's a icon similar to "Heart's Icon" but with blood drops instead of hearts. You'll learn to recognize it soon enough anyway

Die Roller

Character Creation Guidelines and Houserules
- Character Level 4
- Magic Items of level 5, 4 and 3 (one each) as well as 680 gp to spend on any further magic items (for new people - it is reccomended you prioritize getting a weapon, some sort of armor and possibly a neck item)
- You get to pick a Theme but NOT a Background (to clear up potential confusion from new people Background in this context means one of the ones that provide a minor mechanical bonus not backstory written by you ;P)
- No evil alignment
- Available classes:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
* Weaponmaster (a.k.a. Fighter) [Martial Defender]
* Knight [Martial Defender]
* Scoundrel (a.k.a. Rogue) [Martial Striker]
* Marshal (a.k.a. Warlord) [Martial Leader]
* Cavalier [Divine Defender]
* Templar (a.k.a. Cleric) [Divine Leader]
* Runepriest [Divine Leader]
* Invoker [Divine Controller]
* Sorcerer [Arcane Striker]
* Hexblade [Arcane Striker]
* Bard [Arcane Leader]
* Arcanist (a.k.a. Wizard) [Arcane Controller]
* Warden [Primal Defender]
* Barbarian [Primal Striker]
* Druid [Primal Controller]
* Protector [Primal Controller]
* Battlemind [Psionic Defender]
* Monk [Psionic Striker]
* Ardent [Psionic Leader]
* Psion [Psionic Controller]- Available races:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
* Deva
* Dragonborn
* Dwarf
* Eladrin
* Elf
* Githzerai
* Half-elf
* Halfling
* Human
* Kalashta
* Kobold
* Mul
* Shardmind
* Tiefling
* Warforged- Available themes:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
* Bloodsworn
* Cipher
* Deep Delver
* Earthforger
* Escaped Thrall
* Explorer
* Firecrafter
* Ghost of the Past
* Guardian
* Guttersnipe
* Ironwrought
* Knight Hospitaler
* Mercenary
* Occultist
* Outlaw
* Primordial Adept
* Scholar
* Seer
* Watershaper
* Windlord- Free +1/+2/+3 to attacks and non-AC defenses at levels 1/11/21. And an Epic <Defense> feat equivalent at level 21 (hahahaha, yeah right as if we'll last *that* long)
- All expertise feats, feat Robust Defenses and similar, as well as Great Fortitude/Lightning Reflexes/Iron Will feats (and their superior counterparts) are not available
- Racial encounter powers are usable twice per encounter but only once per round
- At milestone you regain use of one daily power (not couning magic item powers) chosen by you in addition to getting an action point

Spoiler: "Original Post" (click to show/hide)Bored.


Bored, bored, boooooooooored.

So anyhow I figured I might as well check - anyone interested in D&D 4e? I'll admit I'm not holding much hope here considering how my last attempt at Hackmaster flopped due to lack of players, but eh... asking doesn't hurt, right?

This is me not anticipating much

This is the one with the controller and whachamacallit stuff, right?

I'm in.  Might need to dust up some 4e references though... I can't remember where I have placed them.

Malek Deneith:
* Malek Deneith drops from his chair
Ow... What? thelaptop actually *in* for a game instead of just watching from the sidelines? I am shaken (but not stirred) :P

Worry not 'bout references. If this take off I'll fill you in as needed ;)

I'd love to get into one of these from the start. Only I have no idea how one would play D&D over a forum, what with it's intensive use of dice. So... WHATSGOINGONHERE?!?!?

...If you don't mind. ;)

Malek Deneith:
Dice are the least problem, trust us we've done this before ;) Just for the record, you've got yourself D&D 4e books and such or will you need references also?

Hmmm, so thelaptop makes one, Thiebs makes two... SKRen is pretty much a given barring random circumstances so let's count three... if I can twist Xander's arm enough and convince Lucky Dee (...where did I put that meat cleaver...) we'd have required minimum even if nobody else expresses interest.

Is my luck turning?..

* Malek Deneith gets hit by a random meteorite


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