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Don't have D&D 4e stuff, stopped playing at 3.5. Mostly because of problems with dice, actually. So the method would be important to me, though barring something very obtuse, I'd probably be willing to suck it up. If you guys can help with the rules stuff, that'd be great, though I'm pretty sure I could find a rulebook if I needed to.

Xander Morhaime:
You have my kobold.

Well, you don't yet, because I haven't sent you the CB file, but damnit, the line doesn't work otherwise...

Malek Deneith:
Regarding dice - we used online dice rollers, mostly . You register there, log in, click roll dice. Put character name in appropiate place to allow for searching of your rolls, put the dice in dice box using syntax like - for example - 1d20+5, ideally put a description below and press roll the dice. You get your result and a neat pre-made BBCode to put into your post like this:
This is a test (1d20+5=10)
...and repeat as many times needed for the actions you do. Simple stuff mostly.

As for 4e materials - I'll help you with that when the time comes, worry not. 4e is quite a bit different from 3.5e in some ways, but at the same time the rules are also much simpler to get in... and I'll be there to point out if you run into any trap options or fail to notice some stuff people take for granted. Hell, after some players in my first 4e PBF I am well used to this ;P

Alright, I'm iffy about the dice, but I'm willing to give it a shot. Can't be too bad. I'm in. Lemme know what you need from me for character stuffs.

Pick me! Pick me!

Also, Nightfalcon may be interested too, I can try and find out for you...


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