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Marek walks quietly behind Quill.  A Deva, Marek doesn't like to talk much, preferring to mull about the situation Pelor presents, dealing with whatever He may so command with the force of His will.  During a prayer session, Marek received a vision from Pelor, that a darkness and cold had befallen the land, threatening the brightness and lightness of day.  Following His words, Marek made his way out to seek the darkness, and to vanquish it with His power so that light may once again rule.  Where he begins and where he ends are lost in his vague memories; only the enforcement of Pelor's will over the encroaching darkness matters.

From his position behind Quill, Marek quietly observes the rest of the band that he has chosen to travel with based on His divine direction.

Berak was quiet and stoic as usual. Walking along with the others, Berak contemplated the nature of his companions. All the time he had spent with them, he had observed their behavior. He had decided long ago that he needed to improve his ability to extrapolate the future behavior of other creatures.

Hundreds of years ago, not that long after his birth, Berak had been part of a group of adventurers who made a living by exploring ancient dungeons. Tomb raiders, one might call them. That phase of his existence came to an unfortunate end when the rogue of the group betrayed them all and escaped with a particularly powerful artifact, locking them into a magically sealed room. They were trapped and all attempts at getting out failed. Whether the rogue intended it or not, he had locked them in for good.

At least, that was the case with others besides Berak. Not long after their provisions run out, they would expire. Berak, not needing sustenance, had no such fate waiting for him and was the target bursts of anger from a couple of others who found such a fate unjust. Berak, then more physically inclined, easily subdued them in their weakened states.

In the end, he was alone. Over the course of hundreds of years, he tried to get out. When physical means failed him, he started training the natural psionic abilities that shardminds possess. Over time he adapted to become a psion and lost his physical poweress. He probed the room and tried to reach beyond it with his senses.

In the end, he managed to make telepathic contact with Isirius Thray, who happened to be exploring the dungeon on his own quest. The door, while hidden and impossible to open from the inside, could be opened from the outside. When Berak had guided Isirius to the location of the door, Isirius managed find a way to open it after some effort.

It was natural then, that Berak would join up with Isirius, at least for a while. After all, he didn't have any better course of action and Isirius didn't seem to mind.

The world had changed, but for Berak, who had always been a bit apart from the rest of the world, it was mostly just a change of scenery. It was mostly because Berak himself had changed that this was distinctly a new episode of his existence. He would pay a lot more attention and try to avoid getting caught by suprise by actions he couldn't predict. Also, he felt that his psionic powers would take him a lot further than anything else he could do.

This journey so far was going well. As far as his companions were concerned, he felt they were a more reliable bunch than his previous group, although he mostly kept apart from them. He felt a certain affinity with Isirius and was a bit doubtful about the trustworthiness of Quill, but given the nature of their current quest, he did not forsee any problems regarding that.

Malek Deneith:
As you continue to come closer and closer to Fallcrest you begin to notice something strange - the gates are open. More than that, the gates are open and apparently unguarded. As you start to walk faster a sudden gust of wind collapses parts of the "tunnel" in snow made by passing of others right on top of Quill, nearly burying her. You spend a moment to help your mercenary companion get out then hurry your step again.

As you reach the gate, what you believe to be two mounds of snow carried on by the wind, suddenly come to life and come at you with a resounding call:

- Halt, who goes there?

Pair of warforged, adorned with the insignia of Fallcrest guard blocks off your path and awaits the answer for the question they stated. Well at least now you know the gate wasn't *entirely* unguarded. That has to count for something, right?

Isirius gives both men his trademark smile while his left hand falls to his side, already making the shape to hold the handle of the flail he's bound to summon should things turn ugly.

S.K. Ren:
Making his way to the front Gosok manifests more runes before the looming constructs.

╬╣ ╜╔╣ ╣┼═╞╨╩┐
╬╣ ╢╜═╣ ╗╞├╣ ╦╞ ╡┼═╣╩╦╡╖╜╦╣ ╦╢╡╩ ╠┼┼╜╦╠╔╜╛ ╬╡┼╦╣╔┐
Waiting for a response, he gives them a discerning stare.

--- Quote ---Sense Motive Insight check (1d20+10=15)
--- End quote ---


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