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Berserk! 0.8 Survival Guide (almost complete version)

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First off, great guide :)

Why is there no mention of the tactical uses of mandagores eating monsters for health? Keeping near-dead mandagores on your tail helps deal with monsters who are faster than them, who catch up to them just to be eaten. Great for dealing with bulldemons (I'll actually shoot down beasts just to make sure the bulldemons reach them first).

Actually, it seems to me that there's no mention of them eating monsters at all.

Malek Deneith:
* Malek Deneith slaps Fingerzam around a bit with a large trout
The guide needs finishing man :P

Outstanding guide, Fingerzam.  Thanks a million for writing it up!

Very useful info. Got me from 160 kills to over 500....

Keep up the good work.

(Oh and yay! First post!)

I have recently downloaded the Berserk, but I have a problem. Sometimes when I try to attack bulldemons I can't reach them, i stop one square before them and can't move closer, if I try, I take damage. Is this that "impale" ability they have ?


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