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In the night of Tuesday March 4th 2014 Selim Lemouchi, up until its disbandment end of last year the guitarist and writer for The Devil's Blood, passed away. I saw a couple of news items pass by on Facebook, shared by some of my friends, and wondered what the fuss was about. Selim turns out to have been a local musician who's been in a ton of bands, all in the rock/metal/punk scene. I didn't know him personally, but I encountered him a couple of times - years ago already - in the company of mutual friends. I now wish I had taken the chance to get to know him better. He wasn't just a very talented musician, he was one of those people who, the instant you first see them and hear them talk, strikes you as... well just plain awesome. He was friendly, respectful and funny, and now, posthumously, the more I see and read about him, the more I feel he and I had a shitload of stuff in common.

And even though it's safe to say I actually didn't know him at all, his death has struck me deeply. More so because - although nothing has been confirmed as of yet - the chances that he died by his own hand are pretty high. The feelings it evokes defy description. For such a beautiful person to see no other way to continue than this...

I can only hope he got what he wanted.

Since I respect you people as a community very much, and since I know there's a fair share of metalheads among you who might have heard this news as well, I wanted to share the impact of this story with you. Instead of sitting around moping I channeled the energy his death awakened in me into a song, serving both to pay my respects to a kindred spirit and to deal with the grief I was stricken by ever since I realized the full extent of the news I dismissed so casually at first glance.

This is Unturned. I hope at some time it can offer you the same solace I expect to find in it.

Thank you for reading.

[EDIT]: Now also available on YouTube, courtesy of Jérôme Siegelaer.

Listening to your song as I write this. I can't say it's a huge hit with me, but that comes as no surprise, as it's not really my genre. However, I myself am struck by your post. It's always a tragedy when people, especially talented or promising people, end their lives, but it is also always a good thing when people strive to do something they find meaningful, and I'm glad I could be a part of you doing so. I've been pushing to keep up with my own meaningful things, and a good reminder like this goes a long way. Thank you for posting this, LuckyDee.

Thank you for taking the time to contemplate on this. It really means a lot to me.

I have much the same thoughts as Thiebs.  I'm sorry for your loss, LuckyDee.

Thanks, mate. Writing and recording the song allowed me to channel all the shit that was going through my head, and then posting it here allowed me to let it all go. It was a very cathartic experience. Having it make other people stop and think for a minute feels very rewarding.


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