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Modifying constants and a no trait restriction mod


Hi, I'm new to modding DoomRL, but not to modding in general.  Normally I'd like to tweak various values such as constants, like how much ammo you get from a box of shells for example, to make things more fun/interesting for myself.  Unfortunately everything I've seen suggests modifications are more for creating new content rather then modifying existing content.  For example, I'd like to see a mod that removes all the trait restrictions, so any class can get any trait and master traits don't have any blocked traits, but to do that I'd have to modify the constants and code dealing with traits, and I don't see any way to do that currently.

A few of those you could change with some clever editing but essentially what you are looking to do is create a new wad entirely where you are not beholden to the defines of the original game.  And that is something you can't do very easily right now.  Your best bet is to try asking around IRC.


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