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Does anyone know how to... Just put a couple objects in a room?


Sum Gai:
I've got a tiny favor to ask. I just want floor with a tracking map, enviroboots, switch that floods the floor with lava (that gasoline smell event) all within a single step of where my character spawns. Also a bunch of random enemies who're vulnerable to lava (anything that's not flying or an arch-vile). Also experience gain shut off (or just set the character to such a high level the exp won't level him up)

Basically, I was playing the other day and had the enviro-boot + gasoline smell combo after having just picked up a tracking map. It was so awesome that I really wanted to record it for a clip in a review of Doom RL that I'm putting together. Unfortunately the laptop I was playing on doesn't have the right software to record video (It comes out looking like shit when I try). And to get that combination of rare item and rare even again would require...      Well many, many more hours then I care to spend.

If you can set up a mod or save file or what have you so that I can put on the boots, grab the tracking map (so I can see all the enemies melt), and flip the switch. You'd have my gratitude, and a personal thank you within the video when I'm finished with it.

The exp thing is just because I'd rather not have the traits menu pop up over and over while I'm trying to record everything dying.

You're... making a DoomRL snuff?


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