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Sum Gai's indi game trailer thread


Sum Gai:
I don't know why I didn't do this ages ago, but I made a playlist of my various game trailers.

What's on the playlist?

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Trailer       3:45
Megaman DL Trailer       2:02
Alter Aila Genesis Trailer       2:53
A glimpse of Super Mario Fusion       2:18
Distorted Travesty 1 trailer       1:26
Distorted Travesty 2 trailer       1:37
Psycho Waluigi Trailer       1:39
Doom RL Trailer       2:01
Megaman Day in the Limelight 2 teaser       0:52
Giana Returns Trailer       1:01
Tyrian 2000 trailer       1:35
Overlord/Supremacy Trailer       1:16
Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams trailer       1:44
Simfarm trailer       1:01
Memories of Mana Trailer       2:01
Survivor: The Living Dead Trailer       0:36
Genetos Trailer       2:03
POKeMON Fusion Generation Trailer       0:56
Simon's Quest Trailer       1:17
Re: Prince of Nigeria Trailer       0:59
Chalk    1:23
MKF version 0.5: Coming Soon  1:40 (note, it says 'coming soon' but it's already out)
Chaos Seed  1:36
Garden Gnome Carnage 0:43
Notrium 1:34

And more to come, since I really enjoy making trailers for some reason and will keep adding to this playlist.

Sum Gai:
Created a new trailer and added it to the playlist.


I love Joakim Sandberg's work. And of all his freeware games this is my favorite.

Sum Gai:
Created a new trailer and added it.

Chaos Seed.

This SNES action RPG has never had an official release outside Japan. But fans have just recently translated it into English.

It's not like anything I've ever played before.

Sum Gai:

You are space-Macgyver. You've crashed on a planet and have nothing but the wreckage of the escape pod and whatever you can lay your hands on. You need food, shelter, and weapons with which to defend yourself from hostile aliens.

Those poor aliens... They still think that they're the dominant predators...


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