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Anyone Still Around?


I guess I'm getting on this fairly late, but I'm over joyed to see Diablo as a Roguelike option. I've downloaded and enabled sound, and basically have wasted so much of my weekend on this game again (thanks guys, I really mean that..)!

I was wondering, most of the posts seem to be about a year old; is anyone still talking here?

It seems DiabloRL hasn't had that much love recently, although admittedly I've seen busier days on the more popular parts of the forum too. A lot of people still drop in though, and if you have anything to ask or share, go for it! Getting response isn't totally unlikely ;)

Alright, let me try to clear things up a little.  I think You is waiting on Kornel to implement some changes to the Valkyrie library before she can add more content to DiabloRL.  But Kornel is currently up in his neck preparing stuff for Jupiter Hell, and so work output has been low.  The third prime evil, Tavana, is uh, kinda out of action at the moment.


--- Quote ---(...) is anyone still talking here?

--- End quote ---
We are still lurking somewhere there, in the shadows :) .

..and checking the Chaosforge to guide lost heroes on their quest against evil!


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