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How could I make new Assemblies?


Is it possible under current (.997) version to mod custom Special Assemblies? (Say, Pistol + PP = Magnum Revolver). I haven't found any related information on either the forum or the wiki.
If so, how?

The wiki contains everything.

Yes, please let me clarify my question: I meant to ask whether one can mod the game to add the code for new assembly types that the player can then create; and, if it's supported, how to do so. That's what I haven't yet found in the wiki.
Thank you for your help anyway.

For the main game, no, sorry.

For mods, yeah, you can do it.

If you intend to get started with DoomRL modding the wiki is a useful, if not always complete resource.
IRC is another good resource.  You may have to idle for a while but if you have a question that the wiki does not cover there's no better source.  Because those guys all have the source.


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