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Can Someone Pls walk me through gettin sound for DiabloRL?

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"DiabloRL can directly play sounds and music from your Diablo installation – just edit config.lua and pass it the path to DIABDAT.MPQ and you’re set!" What does he mean when he says pass it to the path of diabdat.mpq? Does he mean type something in? I dont know alot of pc stuff sorry. I am using windows 8.


--- Quote ----- Provide a full pathname for your DIABDAT.MPQ file
-- Remember that on Windows "\"" needs to be escaped to "\\"
-- e.g. "c:\\Games\\Diablo\\DIABDAT.MPQ"
mpq       = ""
--- End quote ---

I'm a Sound Wizard! ;)

Never went there myself, but it seems to me that between the quotes on the last line of this part of the config, you enter the path to diabdat.mpq and that should be it. You do need the original Diablo's file, of course.

I am annoyed at windows 8. You cant edit the friggin config file. So not only can I not edit it but the instructions are too confusing. The sound/music wont work in windows 8. I will contribute some money to see that Kornel adds this into his next addition.


--- Quote from: deathknight1728 on July 28, 2014, 17:11 ---I am annoyed at windows 8. You cant edit the friggin config file.
--- End quote ---

Say what? I'm using Windows 8(.1) as well, and have no such problems. It might be that the first time you try to open a lua file, you have to select a program to open it with by right-click / Open With or Edit or something. After that, each lua file just gets opened in notepad.

A convenience trick which has worked well for me across multiple versions of Windows is to place a shortcut to Notepad inside the Send To menu.  That way I can right-click any file, regardless of its file extension, and select Send To > Notepad.

The Send To folder can be found in your Windows 8 user profile in the following location:

Alternatively you can just open Notepad manually and drag the file onto the application.  That's an extra step, though, so if you edit things often then you'll save time using the shortcut method.

Obviously neither of these tricks is necessary if you've already instructed Windows to always open a particular file type with Notepad.  But sometimes I want to edit a file without creating a permanent file association.


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