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Wanna explode some respawning blocks #tetris #breakout ?

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Hi, gamers !

We released a new game with mates yesterday. Not any link with doom, but we worked hard to have a polished gameplay and a high difficulty (skill levels are still in beta and should be released very soon, including a not-even-remotly-fair hard mode ;)).
The concept is simple to understand, yet tricky to master : you play both Tetris and Breakout at the same time, and have to break the bricks containing the shapes you need to fill your lines without missing the ball.
Not intended for casual players, hence, my post on this forum.

By the way, your score will depend not only on your survival ability, but also on your capacity to score combos destroying many bricks, or filling as much lines as you can at once. Planning and strategy have their place here.

Hope you enjoy !
Any feedback will be much appreciated. (and so would be sharing with interrested people or communities, since real gamers are quite hard to find by our days)

here's how it looks like :

Tetris Breakout?  Owww... I think you broke my head/brain.

I'll check it out when I have the chance.  >.<

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Considering that you're a regular poster I'll let this shameless advertisement pass :P.

Also, Tetris Breakout... WTF O.o

Guess I have a new time-waster. Nicely done! :)

Really cool concept of a game!  :D  The game mechanics of the two games work quite well together and I like how you have a degree of choice over which Tetris piece falls down.  (assuming you can aim the ball right)  :)

Question:  Is there a way to turn off the "slower ball bonus?"  At first, I was glad it was slow as I got used to the controls, but it quickly became tedious, waiting for the ball to make its slow journey all the way to the top and all the way down again.


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