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PSA: You can move diagonally

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--- Quote from: Zuyl on September 24, 2014, 14:21 ---Couldn't live without it either. Still cost me a couple of dozen games to figure it out though..

--- End quote ---
Same here. When I first discovered roguelikes (ADOM 0.8.3 in 2002, IIRC), the discovery of numpad support and diagonal movement increased my interest and skills in RLs considerably.

When I first played castle of the winds I didn't know about diagonal movement. I got phase door as my first spell. Dungeon level 1 was SLOW

I'm going to Necro this because Castle of the Winds was amazing. I now wish to play it again.

On topic... people didn't know you could move diagonally? How did they play? The described CotW experience seems to me as though it'd have parallels in almost any roguelike ever...


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