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gambling at the wall


I just watched my brother take the STUPIDEST gamble posable and get away with it.

He entered the wall WITHOUT a rocket launcher, and next to no ammo, no health packs, and 2 phase devices. he used the first device and it droped him right next to the rocket launcher!!!! After raiding the room he used his remaining device and ended up on the safe side of the wall!!!! What makes this even worse is this isn't the first time I've seen him do this.

Is it just me or is he the luckest man in the world???

Sweet :)

Look at his traits - may be, he has 'Favoured by RNG, level 3'?

Someone posted something like that before. It is impressive, actually. And its just a big risk to take.

But the most impressive thing is your post is : you know something who likes this game??? All the people I know in real life just HATE this game. its quite annoying...


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