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Please tell me, in the most simple and basic, step-by-step way, how do I fix this problem? I have everything in a desktop directory, the terminal is open, I go to run the program and this pops up.

imac-2:~ tim$ /Users/tim/Desktop/AliensRL/aliensrl/abrl
An unhandled exception occurred at $FFF6358B48EA8948 :
ELuaException : cannot open config.lua: No such file or directory

It's getting really annoying not being able to play this AT ALL when I know how good this is. Please don't tell me to wait until another version comes out or something like that. If you have a link to a dev or pre-compiled version that works, please post it.

I'm going to ignore the passive-aggressive statements that come from frustration and give some suggestions.  =)

But first, caveat: I don't run the Mac OSX version, so if that annoys you, perhaps my suggestions are not applicable.

Check out the unix_notes.txt file.  I think the reason why its not working is because you're attempting to run the executable outside of its directory.  So, to actually run it, I would suggest doing something like:

imac-2:~ tim$ cd /Users/tim/Desktop/AliensRL/aliensrl
imac-2:~/Desktop/AliensRL/aliensrl tim$ ./abrl(I am, of course, simulating your prompt here.)

Try that first and let me know if that helps you run the game.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with my problem. Unfortunately, it now spews this out at me.
(My last name has been replaced with stars.)

tims-imac-2:aliensrl tim*******$ ./abrl
An unhandled exception occurred at $0000000100098BD2 :
EAccessViolation : Access violation

Have you installed the three SDL bundles as written on the downloads page notes for OS-X?  The Access Violation is probably the program trying to load some dynamic libraries but failing miserably.

If you have done so already and it is still spewing these errors, I'm afraid I would be at the end of what I can offer for help since I have no OS-X machines near me to test any of these out.  We may need to invoke KK for this then.

Yeah, I've installed them. *SIGH* Y U NO HALP! jk, man. Seriously, though. Thank you so much for trying.


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