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Heroes of Might and Magic 3 ...and a little about one of it's mods

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Sum Gai:
Whelp, I've been working hard on a Heroes 3 review for some time. And it's finally complete!

Also a trailer! (might not look like much but it took me over 80 hours to make it)

And finally a trailer for the WoG mod

"Some time"? Aren't you about 10 years late? :P
I'll be sure to check it out, though, I think I still have the (illegal copy of) the game on CD lying around somewhere...

Sum Gai:
Oh please, I'm always at least 10 years out of date.

Though in this case, I was surprised to discover after I finished the review, that ubisoft is releasing Heroes 3 HD next month. So I've accidently become modern without realizing it.

That's like being hipster without being hipster.

"Pfft... I was into HoMM3 back when 640x480 was considered high definition VGA!"

I was definitely on this bandwagon I high school. HOMM 1-3 divided by M&M 5-7. Mostly HOMM 2 and MM7


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