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2 bugs [FIXED]


running DoomRL version 0.9.8, win version (with the mp3's) on win98se

Bug 1: when pulling levers, enemies can be generated on walls. it has only happened to me once so far (that i know off). enemies generated on walls can't be shot, but they can be targeted.. i'm not sure if rockets or the BFG would hurt an enemy on a wall, didn't have the chance to find out. the enemy i encountered (a former human sergeant btw) seemed to be able to move away from the wall, after which he couldn't re-enter it (i tried to lure him there, but he never got back at the spot in the wall he was spawned at)

Bug 2: I've seen a lever that was generated in a wall. also happened to me only once. i couldn't get to the lever, it was treated as a wall for me (same as the enemy in a wall was treated as a wall when shooting?)

in both cases the wall was treated as a wall in every other respect: i couldn't see or shoot through it, nor enter the area it occupied.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
I know, I know. Unfortunately I don't know the reason for that behaviour yet :-(


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