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Anyone know location which has files listed for Diablo RL WITH SOUND/MUSIC?

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Ok I have given up on trying to install the sound and music. I clearly just dont have the knowhow. My next best thing is I really want to play this game with sound and music. Does anyone know a location where you can download it with Sound/Music installed. I dont want to try installing anything as I am not good at that stuff. I just want to try the game with sound/music. If anyone can lead me to that, I would be very very happy. Thankyou.

Tell me your DiabloRL installation folder and path to your diabdat.mpq (large file with sound and music from Diablo CD).

C:\Program Files (x86)\DiabloRL

The location of the diable sound and music is hard. The location on the disc is-

E:\ But I dont know what the mpq file is for the disc. The file name is DIABDAT.MPQ

Open config.lua file in DiabloRL directory and replace the approriate lines with these ones:

--- Code: ----- To enable sound you need the original Diablo game,
-- in particular the DIABDAT.MPQ. Change this value to
-- FMOD or SDL depending on driver (or just DEFAULT)
sound     = "DEFAULT"

-- Provide a full pathname for your DIABDAT.MPQ file
-- Remember that on Windows "\"" needs to be escaped to "\\"
-- e.g. "c:\\Games\\Diablo\\DIABDAT.MPQ"
mpq       = "E:\\DIABDAT.MPQ"
--- End code ---

I dont know how you did/said it but it worked. Im sorry that this was made into a such a big deal. I didnt think it was this easy but it is. The sound music works great! Thankyou. By the way,

Does berserk have sound music like diablo, aliens and doom rl?


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