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Dear players and dungeon masters, storytellers and other dodgy individuals,

As you may know, I like playing RPGs - proper pen&paper roll-the-dice RPGs - be it via a forum or face to face with people crowding my living room. I've also been launching multiple attempts at creating my own systems and universes, of which 1899 is a tangible result. Ish. Currently I'm working on a new pen&paper system, aiming for an effective set of rules that remains as lean as possible. I know enough people willing to help me on this part, and I have faith in succeeding (finally).

What I am in need of though, is a setting to accompany it. A lot has been done before, to varying degrees of success, and I would of course be very proud if I could devise a setting that stands out from the crowd, should 'unique' be too high a goal. It will probably amount to borrowing elements from different stories, books,settings, even movies, but that's not something I'm averse to - you need to get inspiration out of something, after all.

With a lot of people playing a lot of different games and enjoying a lot of different books and movies visiting this forum, I'd thought to launch a little topic and see what you can come up with. Anything goes. Fantasy? Sure. Sci-fi? Count me in. However, I think in the end the golden goose will be the setting that unexpectedly combines elements from different themes. The Dark Tower springs to mind (post-apocalyptic western chivalry), as do Neverwhere and Fallen London (dark victorian hidden worlds), Discworld (satirical fantasy) and the steam punk genre in general. Undoubtedly many more examples can be found. I even remember someone suggesting Knights In Space prior to me launching 1899.

Give me your best shots. If you were (ever) to partake in a game of RPG which emphasizes characters, story and setting, what scene would you be most interested in? What unlikely combinations float your boat? Or if you dislike RPGs, what stories, be they movies or books, have really triggered your imagination?

Many thanks in advance for your input. As soon as I have something worth playing, I'll definitely be sharing it through this forum.

Well, the first thing springing to my mind is something akin to Vampire:the Masquerade setting, where modern weaponry and life is combined with magic and creatures of legend.


--- Quote from: mihey1993 on April 26, 2015, 02:10 ---Well, the first thing springing to my mind is something akin to Vampire:the Masquerade setting, where modern weaponry and life is combined with magic and creatures of legend.

--- End quote ---

Have been playing that over the past 10-15 years, but thanks for the tip :)

My wife and I have been reading Piers Anthony's Mode series, and the virtual mode has merits for a rpg setting. Some minor changes (like the worlds flowing together instead of crossing realities every few feet) would make it work, and it would support every other possible combination of story elements. You could walk from fantasy sword-and-sorcery to high -tech space ccowboys, with different areas having their own laws of physics and magic. For instance,  in the books, some kinds of magic don't work in some places (especially not in high tech worlds), and some types of technology don't work elsewere (usually in the high fantasy settings). I'd be worth looking up if you're unfamiliar with the books.

Oooh, that does sound interesting; comparable to an idea I tried working out in the past, but probably with more sense to it. Don't know whether it'd be too much of a good thing, but getting a little inspiration out of it certainly wouldn't hurt. I'll see if I can hunt down a copy, thanks.


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