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Name That Hamster

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teeth, teeth! Sharp and big ;) relative to hamster size.

LuckyDee, catch some (1-2 quite enough for first time) grasshoppers. Green, fat and the bigger the better. And insert alive to hamsters cage. Ouh... Your beast not a vegetarian. Be careful :D

well not bigger than hamster itself (I don't know how big your grasshoppers are). 2-3 cm. 5 cm will be a challenge. Hamsters catch them (in cage or box - easily), sometimes jumping from a good distance. Gnaw the head...  And you will see what his teeth can

Erm... this is taking a very wrong turn right here. But thanks for your highly gory input ;)



--- Quote from: ParaSait on May 26, 2015, 13:59 ---Beefster.

--- End quote ---

Where were you two weeks ago? :O


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