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Author Topic: Help with translation of Dungeon Crawl Wiki. (Technical help)  (Read 6395 times)

Mr. Dolph

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I own a school in China where Dungeon Crawl and paper DnD are part of our program. We have already translated about ten percent of  the Dungeon Crawl Wiki into Chinese but don't know how to get it hosted or where.  Furthermore, if anyone could help us with the wiki software that would be great. My translation skills are fairly good as I can read Ancient Greek, Latin, Chinese, Ancient Chinese and more. But, it is students who are doing the translating and I am just overseeing it. Furthermore, my computer skills are nothings special beyond being a dedicated Linux user. I presume the wiki software is not that hard to use and will research more once I have installed it on my Linux box and we have it on our school computers. (Which unfortunately use a rather lame OS.) We could use some support for the occasional questions which can't be easily handled by the information already out there.

Thank you.
S. Barret Dolph
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