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That's it. Not going to bed. Ever.


Somebody Russian please tell me this is a very bad joke.

Judging by the Youtube comments, it's not actually a lullaby; it's from a Russian horror movie.  So yeah, I'd say it's a joke that they're calling it a lullaby.  :)

What's interesting to me is that the song doesn't seem to use a major or minor scale.  It's one of those weird, modal scales that is rarely used and I only half-remember from my high school music classes.  I'm sure some of my music geek friends would be able to identify it, but I think it's pretty cool nonetheless.  :)

Thanks, I was too dumbstruck to even bother with the comments. It's definitely not a 'major' thing, although at first glance it did strike me as a minor scale composition, with some 'diaboli in musica' (the six semitone interval) thrown in for added effect. It's scary as fuck either way. Great job to whoever came up with this.


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