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Scavenging - part II


Hi all,

Half a year ago I came to you with a request for input on an RPG idea I'm working on. It's still in development while I'm looking for a suitable supernatural aspect to include. Vampires (the White Wolf variety) have already been mentioned, and in the meantime I've managed to lay my hands on copies of Call of Cthulhu and Werewolf: The Wild West. I've started reading the Angelwalk Trilogy only to put it away after about 60 pages - I'll see if I can be bothered to find out if mr. Elwood is going to get off his high horse eventually.

Anywho, the problem with a lot of supernatural elements is that they are too constricting, too clearly defined by (pop) culture to easily put them to use. After a couple of brainstorm sessions with a good friend, I landed on an idea which I think will make exactly the focus I'm looking for: dead people. Call 'em spirits, ghosts, wraiths, souls, whatever, you catch my drift; it's what supposedly remains after a person's body has expired. There are stories on this subject in every conceivable culture, and just about anything goes. At this point I think the world in general is supporting three major theories, being Eternal Sleep (nothing happens after your die), Afterlife (you go to a heaven or a hell depending on how piously you have lived) and Reincarnation (he who lives and passes away, lives to live another... life). What about the bazillion other current and historical theories, though?

Anyone who wants to contribute on ghosts and what happens to people after they die, be my guest. Anything goes.

Seems like I've picked the wrong time to post this. And now I have a craving for lasagna, too.


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