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Stilll waiting for one more application (from outside...ish of the forum). In the meantime:

I've not created a very clear Character Building thingy yet. At first, I'm much more interested in characters than I am in stats anyway. Please give some thought as to what kind of character you'd like to play. We're talking a US citizen in the interbellum period of the previous century. Use film noir and/or detective stories as a guideline. A PI would naturally fit the bill, but so would a reporter, a policeman, a criminal from just about any walk of life, a scientist or scholar, a blue collar workman, a nighthawk... the only real restriction I have to impose is a more or less decently functioning moral compass, pointing towards the 'Good' end of the spectrum overall.

Also take into account that racism, sexism and all other kinds of bigotry and prejudice were very common back then. This may impact your character if you choose not to play a white male.

I'll probably be offline for a couple of days, feel free to spew forth some ideas in the meantime.

Dennis, just checking in.  for so me reason my hotmail account just isn't playing nicely with Chaosforge.  I created a new account based on a gmail account and I'm good to go.  I should of thought of it earlier.


Ah, good, that makes us complete. Has anyone had any ideas on characters yet?

Sorry about the slow response. I'm thinking wily street urchin, myself.

I'm thinking of someone who knows about some of the horrors that wait in the dark.  He's a WW1 vet who saw things one shouldn't and then spent years learning things that can't be unlearned.  If you have problems that draw you into the shadows, he's the sort of person you go to for help.  Think of him as the Miskatonic University Professor or the librarian in Arkham.


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