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Great, looking good so far. Mr. Zicher?

Well, Jezalane's concept is quite similar to what is going through my mind here - a good friend of mine is currently writing a novel about a man who has found a way into other dimensions. The author draws inspiration from HPL, but instead of Cthulhu Mythos, the inspiration comes from HPL's Dream Cycle (The Silver Key, or Dream-Quest to Unknown Kadath).

The protagonist, by the name of Logan Douglas, is also a veteran of the Great War, which is also where he learned about his ability to visit these other worlds, and after the war he teaches law at the Miskatonic University. As such, he is skilled with pistols and has a fairly deep knowledge of history and law. As he sold his share in a trading company, founded by his father, he can lead a comfortable life without caring too much for money. However, the knowledge of travelling to other dimensions is quite a bit of a secret - he can't just openly admit his travels. But he still catches interest of US secret services, and his meddling in affairs of other dimensions brings forth a number of adventures.

I don't know how the novel will end (and neither does the author), but I think Logan could be a suitable character.

Thanks for your input. I see no problem two similar characters - you might even build up a shared background. Two distinctly different personalities would be more or less mandatory, though. Alternatively, you could have a duo of researchers where one does the fieldwork and the other the desk research. Feel free to concoct something.

I'll hand out some basic character building info this evening.

Right, as promised:

I've been toying around with ideas for a mechanic for a while, and some playtesting is in order. The main goal: simplicity. I intend to use only six sided dice for the basic tests, and not too many at that. To each relevant test a Trait and a Skill are applied: you roll x(D6+y) where x is your Trait level and y your Skill level. Only one success is necessary, but a success means scoring a 5 or 6 (after modification) on a single die.

On the same lean vein, the number and levels of Traits and Skills are limited. Every character gets 4 Traits, being Ruthless, Cunning, Nimble and Slick. Each character starts out with a score of 1 on every trait, but at character creation you are all allowed to increase 2 Traits by +1 (a +2 on a single Trait instead is also negotiable, but would have to come with a good story behind it).

Additionally, you all start with 5 Skill points. I'm not going to give a list, simply because I don't have one. I have some ideas, but I'd rather see what you come up with unguided. Bear in mind that skills are intended to be broad areas of knowledge or practice. Max Skill level is set to 2 (for now), but again raising a Skill higher than 1 would require some explaining on your part. To ease up things a bit, please leave all combat-related Skills out of consideration. Should you really feel the urge to punch someone during the course of the game, we can probably come to an understanding.

So, for homework, I want to see:
- Name
- Short backstory
- Traits
- Skills

Any questions?


--- Quote from: LuckyDee on March 21, 2016, 12:31 ---Any questions?

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* ZicherCZ raises hand
OK, let me see. I'm not certain that I fully understand what I can find behind those four traits, Ruthless, Cunning, Nimble and Slick. I sense a parallel to Fallen London's Dangerous, Watchful, Shadowy and Persuasive, but still, care to give a bit of an explanation?
What I seem to understand - a trait of level 1 should be human average (or slightly above - we're heroes of a sort, right?), at level 2 it's quite above average and at level 3 it's exceptional to the point of being world-class. Right?

And about skills - just how broad should the area covered by each skill be? To give a comparison, let's imagine we have a list of skills from Fallout 1 or 2 to pick five from. Is a list of skills like that (minus combat skills, as you mentioned) appropriate in terms of breadth and depth?


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