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New Doom 1 map by John Romero.


Malek Deneith:
If you haven't heard already, after 21 years of not making Doom related stuff John Romero put out a Doom 1 map. To be specific it's a replacement map for E1M8. And he's still got the touch - the map is damn good and damn hard. You can find the download link on Romero's twitter (pinned tweet) or use a mirror I made for a friend (since John's dropbox seems to have been hit pretty hard and it barely loads):

Rip and Tear!

PS. Watch out for the cracks on the floor.

This looks kinda "WTF" at the first glance, but the map design looks really good.  It looks closer to Quake than Doom to me.

I Didn't complete it yet, since it's, indeed, pretty hard, but it's incredibly fun to lose doomguys on a new "official" doom map... in 2016.  I Wouldn't have thought such things could happen :)
Thanks for sharing !


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