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It's already out there....but there aren't any stable branches yet. I'm KK will make a distribution release when the time is right.

KK Edit: Removed the source link, because at this stage for anyone using it it would cause more problems than it would help

Kornel Kisielewicz:
The question is probably about a whole engine, not a low-level engine library :P.

As MaiZure observed, I'm pretty much opening the sources of the base libraries (they don't have a license agreement yet, but probably MIT). However, this is not the only layer that JH is built on. Also, even when the game is completed, and I release the modding tools to the community, by no means will Nova (the underlying engine) be able to compete with existing engines in terms of documentation, upgrade stability, examples, tools, etc.

To get the engine to such level requires a lot more time, actually a lot more additional time than making the game and engine itself, not to mention maintaining version compatibility and support. Time which I don't intend to invest -- because it would much better be spent developing the current, or next game, right? :)

So, the JH engine might only be of interest to people that already posses the dedication and skill needed to write their own, and in no way would be a substitute for current commercial engines (e.g. Unity/Unreal).

Thank you!

I'm currently only starting to learn how to code, so I'm sure it would be way out of my experience anyway! It just sounds really cool for what it can do, after No Man's Sky proved what procedural games can (potentially) do, I'm sure it would be something a lot of people are interested in. I'm really looking forward to Jupiter Hell, thanks!


--- Quote from: Kornel Kisielewicz on August 29, 2016, 08:54 --- it would much better be spent developing the current, or next game, right? :)

--- End quote ---

Hells yes.

Anytime I see "Unity" on any game my heart sinks.

Loved your list above on why your own engine (I know you're not going to rewrite libraries you don't have to). No need for a long article, just more time spent making:
!!!!!!! JUPITER HELL !!!!!!!!!!!

Moonshine Fox:

--- Quote from: Iceghost17 on August 31, 2016, 16:29 --- No Man's Sky proved what procedural games can (potentially) do

--- End quote ---
That procedurally generated games can be absolutely awful has been proven far before NMS ;) One example would be Spore, but there are several others.


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