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Hello! I've been playing DoomRL a lot recently, and I've wanted to try modding some levels myself. However, the tutorials on the wiki are out of date. I've put together some basic files together, but they throw errors. Can anyone tell me a good way to start doing mods?

I got no experience outside of some easy improvements I made to tourist module (like granting the Super Zerk & Super Phase devices, or XP tomes :p), but I'd advise to look at MockRL or said tourist module files It's probably not much, but this includes some basic stuff like creating a custom map, items, and so.

Are the tutos like "Recreating Hell's arena" completly out of date ?  Did you try to just pick some parts, like event handling, and see what is still working ?

I didn't try the Hell's Arena One, just the basic Constructing A Map one.

It has issues, as the Level variable is undefined, and even when it's defined the functions to set name and such don't always work - particularly the fill function.

EDIT: Thank you for the advice! I downloaded the MockRL mod, and it took me a while but I dissected it and turned it into a basic mod of my own. thanks for the help. I'll be working on more mods soon, and if I do enough posts I'll get on the wiki and rewrite the tutorial.


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