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The Good Rogue:
Seeing this place so very dead and realizing the PBF subforum mod had given his/her/its last display of life functions only about three years ago (what is it compared to eternity?), there is a question I would like to ask:

Are you guys all so super hyped for Jupiter Hell that nobody plays any other games anymore, PBF included?

If negative, would anyone be up to anything, given the chance?

Well, depends on the system?  I'm at best a casual PBF-er, so...

The Good Rogue:
Oh, these are fine details we would figure out later... Once we have a group, that is. I'm not planning on anything rules-heavy, though, and consider myself flexible enough to let the collective will of the pack decide.

My PBF group just stopped replying :*(

I'm up for just about anything. Except D&D.

The Good Rogue:

--- Quote from: LuckyDee on August 23, 2016, 11:43 ---I'm up for just about anything. Except D&D.

--- End quote ---

I'm not keen on doing D&D either.


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