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Yay! I like you already.

What do you have in mind?

The Good Rogue:
Nothing in particular at the moment. I've done lots of various stuff in my history of GMing, I've also got a few things I'd yet like to give a first try...

- Dogs in the Vineyard by D. Vincent Baker scream to me as a rules-light, dilemma-heavy system in which players assume roles of travelling missionaries in a Wild West-like setting. If westerns are not your thing, I've also been poking about with restitching it so that it fit to more of a cyberpunk/cybernoir world, putting a global megacorporation in place of the church and you in the boots of troubleshooters sent to ensure maximum efficiency, human rights be damned, or enforce some corporate policies. You know, usual corpofascist dystopian stuff;

- Speaking of Wild West, or rather Weird West, I'm a huge fan of Deadlands. The Savage Worlds reedition seems convincing enough to give it a shot or six, and simple enough to gamemaster through the forum board. Actually, anything powered by Savage Worlds could do;

- Speaking of cyberpunk, good old CyberPunk 2020 has a warm, warm place in my cerebral cortex, although I realize mechanics aged in a not exactly graceful manner and might seem a little crude at times. Not advised;

- I have homebrewed a fun little game inspired by one of my favourite novels, Lord of the Ice Garden (sadly, I don't think it was ever translated to english - not that it matters, the game can be retrofitted to any setting we'd want). The mechanics are mostly built around the idea of managing your reserves of strength and willpower, basically making every test passable... Until it becomes too much for you to handle. I'm still working on this one, though it's already playable (and additional playtesters are always welcome, too!);

- Mistborn: The Adventure Game, if any Brandon Sanderson fans are in. A fun postapocalyptic fantasy setting, story-driven, wicked magic system, though I'd rather not touch it unless you know the Mistborn novels;

- I've recently discovered I Am Zombie, a game made by the guy who twenty five years ago gave us Vampire: The Masquerade. This time you're not a vampire though, but a person infected with some kinda zombie nanovector which, apart from tearing you from the inside, gives you crazy powers, ability to command actual zombies and a huge red mark on your forehead which says "murder me" to all the members of a global security agency bent on wiping you and your kin off the face of Earth. Since it runs on Axiom, and Axiom means the use of playing cards, I suppose we'd have to go with storytelling on this one. Unless I somehow figure it out.

I'm also open to any ideas you would have.

That is, ideas that are not D&D.

How about some Adeptus Evangelion?

The Good Rogue:
Aw shoot, I'm completely unfamiliar with the topic. Sorry.

Dark Heresy I've done before. If I understand correctly, this game is loosely based on it. But the huge mecha anime schtick I just don't go well along with. Shame upon me, I know.

Well, it's been a while since I last put any recorded effort into it, but I would very much still like to give my horror film noir thing Hunter's Moon a try. Apart from that, I'd very much like to be a player again as well, and I have no obvious preference for any game. I am a big fan of lots of storytelling and as little rules as possible, if that helps.


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