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Jupiter Hell Teaser Trailer, coming to Kickstarter November 15th!

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Kornel Kisielewicz:
Sylph, I am pretty sure you'll be able to throw in your feedback and ideas on that :)

Also, 24 hours left, follow the countdown at :

And for anyone willing to pledge, remember that a 1st day pledge is worth twice as much for us, while a 1st hour pledge probably somewhere around 5 times :)

I totally love the game already and trust your experience!
I totally will back and share the news.

Bad thing is that I don't like some things about the video.
Maybe I'm just annoying. Especially, 6 hours before launch.
But, having participated a little in launching Kickstarter campaigns, I would say...

* For a good Kickstarter, video indeed is the most important thing.
* First 6 seconds spent for just the logo? Seriously? There must be an attention grabber in the first! You're losing an too big percent of the audience here.
* The same - about the name at 0:13-0:19. Leave it to the very end.
* It looks like "permadeath" is the only good thing to say about the game. Really? If it's anywhere near DoomRL or AliensRL, there are so many more things to say. Spam with usual "321 uniques, 9.5 classes, 987 character development paths, rich story (whether it's there or not)", show more combat, show inventory screens, show BOSSES.
* Really, show some action in the first 7 seconds. Maybe just a hint, half a second, but clearly visible.
* Really, show a boss. Big is impressive. Maybe even from DoomRL, I know.
* The 3 earlier posters are awesome. Hope they will appear in the campaign.
* I'l try to back in the first hour, but... er... 1:00 AM? No promises.

Sorry for the late comment.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
I already replied to you by mail (see? it did go through moderation! O.o), but I'll in shortly summarize my response:

1) this is a teaser, not the KS video itself - we didn't want to show too much too long scenes, because our asset count is limited
2) asset count is limited, what you see is actually one fulltime year of a single 3d artist. Many people assume we have a big team... we don't.
3) we cannot show things that we do not have.

And yeah, these comments are way too late :)
Still, thanks for believing in us!

I just woke up to back this and there are now 6 hours more added to the timer o.O I might miss the first hour now, have to be at work by then =((

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Yeah, the timer was busted, I did a emergency surgery on it in the middle of the night -_-


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