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Jupiter Hell Teaser Trailer, coming to Kickstarter November 15th!

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--- Quote from: ZicherCZ on November 08, 2016, 13:19 ---Don't worry, Kornel. I believe lots of players are just lurking here and there, and they will heed your call once it comes.

--- End quote ---
If only we could recruit the spam mafia to donate a dollar each too...

But yeah, everyone's lurking here and there.

Obviously not representative of the entire population of [relative] newbies, but I'm pretty sure there's more continuing interest in DoomRL (and ChaosForge in general) than forum activity suggests. Small number of us in over here in South Aus are super hyped for Jupiter Hell.

5K views in a few days doesn't look too bad to me.  At least, it proves that not everyone is permadead :p

But yeah, one of my fears, a few years ago, was that if it ever existed, I would probably miss the kickstarter the day it would be announced, since checking the forums twice a year was quite random in term of reactivity.

I am here... watching... waiting.

I might be one of the 'old guard' that was away, but DoomRL still remains one of my favourite ever videogames, and I often come back to it.

I can't *wait* for jupiter hell. I'm biting my nails worrying about whether it will have some implementation of corner shooting or some other form of _hard_ cover mechanic, since that's what makes doomrl so beautifully 'chesslike' for me. :)


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