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Jupiter Hell Kickstarter is LIVE!

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Day 3 is not over at all, and already brought ~3%. Not too bad.
Holding my breath, tracking:

Sidekick predicts success with a 71% probability. Given the marketing campaign doesn't read it and relax.

...OMG, the prediction went down to 40% while I was writing this. Well, it's always on the verge.

Darren Grey:
Sidekick now predicting 18% chance of success, which to be frank is just silly! In Kickstarter terms we've had a great start. We need to do more work to get the message spread (and we need everyone's help posting to Facebook and the like too) but we're quietly confident this will be a success.

Darren Grey:
We've just posted our 2nd campaign update, with a big bunch of information about both game design and the story:

If there are other things you want to hear about just say!

That's a great update! I really love it.

Though, don't call a statistics silly - it's the primary way to know the truth.
As for my opinion, project needs to collect 50% in the first three days, or it is. Yesterday the funding curve looked pretty bad, like it was going to flatline on 50%, today it's inclination has increased, which is great. I'm totally with you on the point "more work to get message spread", and I wouldn't be confident in Kickstarter; I would be active as if my life depended on it.

Even the spike in the end doesn't happen without a heavy-marketing-lifting.

I wish you a great success in that!

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Ok, guys, as a fanboy, I just cannot hold this information...


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