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[ Windows 7 64bit] game crashes after def. Spider Mastermind indirectly


This was the first time I was about to finish the game. It became clear I didn't have enough health packs left, so I deployed the thermonuclear bomb I conveniently found.
After dying the game told me I had won, but then it crashed with the attached error message.

Afterwards, the save file was corrupted.

Reproduced.  It appears to happen if you die immediately after placing the nuke, or potentially it has to do with the AI's current state.  The bug is clearly in the AI referencing the monster's self property even though the monster no longer exists.

This COULD be solved in the AI with judicious checking of the self.__ptr property but methinks the engine should be keen on NOT continuing the mastermind's AI after it has died.  I'll poke around the engine code later (it's not my specialty but kk is busy).


--- Quote --- I'll poke around the engine code later
--- End quote ---
Thank you, much appretiated.


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