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So, I noticed, though I can't remember where exactly, in discussions about 4-way movement that controller support is planned (which is somewhat novel and a touch baffling to me, but then I ran through all 3 Dark Souls games on KB+M by choice). I'm quite curious what the intent is for this. Specifically, is the plan to do something similar to most tactical games where the left stick controls a cursor and buttons do actions, or is the idea to have the left stick control movement directly and the right stick control a cursor for shooting, or make to make extensive use of the d-pad for movement, or what?

Kornel Kisielewicz:
The only reason we want to support controllers is to make it possible for a future console release. As such the controller support needs to be well thought out, and we'll leave details of it for a discussion at a much later point in time.

Darren Grey:
Shiren the Wanderer managed to do controller support in a console roguelike very well. I'm very confident we can find a system that works.


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