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Bug? Topics falsely marked as unread

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After not visiting for some time, some forums/topics have the unread icon for me, though there is nothing new there. Clicking "Mark read" helps.
It's been that way ever since I registered.

I don't want to doubt your experience, but usually when this happens to me, I have simply failed to register the fact that there's more on the next page. Could this explain your issue?

Nope, but there is another explanation.

Sorry for horrible bug report, let me improve it.

1. In a forum list, I see an unread forum icon (screenshot).
2. I click THE FORUM ICON.
3. I see "No unread topics" page (screenshot).
4. Though, there is an old topic with a new reply in toe form (screenshot).

So, apparently it's a bug in the module that implements the "action=unread" argument, like in this link:;board=5.0;children

Oh wait, it's not a bug but a confusing feature. Who cares about "unread topics found since your last visit" if there are new topics that I didn't open on that last visit.

If the "unread" forum icon link led to "unread;all;", that would solve my confusion.

I've noticed this lately too, ever since there was some change to the layout of the forums a few weeks ago.  (Or months?  I can't remember)  It doesn't really bother me because I lurk daily and look at the "recent posts" section at the bottom of the home page, so I see everything there anyway.

I do what Tormuse does, so I also was unaware there was an issue. I didn't even know topics could be marked that way =P

Everything active will display down at the bottom, so unless your visits are few and far between, you won't miss anything - and if they are, you'll have a hell of a lot to catch up on if you're looking at every single unread post ;)

Still, if it's not working as intended, I suppose it's worth a look by someone who knows things about forums.


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