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Separate Sound Definitions for Assemblies


After a long time away, I've finished making a sound pack and I'm about to set it free on the internet, but while typing up the readme, I lamented that Assemblies couldn't be given their own sounds, encouraging people to yell at the devs to make it so. Well, I'ma take my own advice and yell at the devs!

Many assemblies seem like they could fit with the old sounds, especially assemblies that affect a broad category, but some of them, like the Chainsword, shouldn't sound anything like their original! Inevitably, when these weapons end up sounding exactly the same as before, it feels like something's wrong. Something I'd like to see is have optional sound definitions for Assemblies, so that just in case they fundamentally change the properties of a weapon, we can adjust the sound effects to match.

Oh, but you can do that yourself :).

Check the soundhq.lua (in the folder with the executable) file to see the structure how the sounds are attached to weapons. At the end of the file, there are already separate sounds e.g. for chainsaw. Then just add the sound files somewhere into the DoomRL file structure, and assign the sounds to the items as you wish.

Note that currently the HQ sounds are in WAV format. Others formats may or may not be accepted.

Edit: I guess I spoke too soon, it doesn't seem to be that easy, as assemblies do not use standard format and assigning for items. But I'll try to find a way.

Since I have your attention, is there currently any way to define separate alt fire and alt reload sounds? Because that's another thing I tried and couldn't get working.

I tried "altfire" and "altreload" in the soundhq.lua file - didn't seem to work.

After a little code-diving, I think it could be possible to add such sounds (and sounds for assemblies as well), but this would require quite a nit more tinkering than a simple config file modification.

I came to the same conclusion, aaand that's why I'm here. :)

While I'm here, here is a mind-dump of other sounds I would love to see at some point in the future:

hit sounds for weapons
idle loops
chainfire activation sounds
chainfire loops
chainfire end sounds

Naturally, there should be an option to leave them blank to not give it a sound for those things.


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