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Can you configure captcha, to make it more readable? (or switch to recaptcha? there is recaptcha module for SMF)

I'm not visually impaired (at least I tend to think so), but I have problems reading captcha on the forum :/
(and I have to use Request another image almost constantly)
take a look at attachment

Once you hit a certain threshold of post count, the captchas magically go away.

For now, please bear with it while we check with KK on what he wants.

In order to keep everything in its right place: we now have a new member who is unlikely to post anywhere except on the PBF boards. PBF posts don't add to total post count. I've had a look, but I don't think there's anything that can be done at member level to circumvent this.

Does the captcha thingamabob actually count posts, or does it rely on the 'Forge's elitist counter (Ha, couldn't resist :P )? And if it follows the counter, is there some way in we can fix this?


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