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Fix OSX DoomRL To Help JH


I posted about the bug preventing anyone who runs Sierra from running DoomRL. Although it may not seem like a high priority fix, this hurts JH PR in that I can't use DoomRL to convince my gamer friends to get on board with this new project. The Mac community may not be big, but there's still not an insignificant number of folk who probably won't back JH because they can't try DoomRL, the spiritual predecessor.

My 2 cents.


Moonshine Fox:
We need a little more info than that. The fact that an error exists isn't quite enough. Are there any error messages? Any sound? Does it work in console mode?

I know that Kornel knows, as the GitHub bug is posted here:

I also get it, that it's full steam ahead for JH, however, as I said--If people on the last two version of OSX can't play DoomRL properly, it's not great for JH. 

If there's anything I can do, I'm happy to do it!



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