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Hello everyone!

Starting this topic for concept art pieces we will be sharing over time, more or less sketchy :D
Can't share everything but we will try to put out some of them.
Here's the Security Mech sneak peek from yesterday :)

Official Jupiter Hell art gallery is here


Two chainguns, what appears to be some sort of high capacity rocket launcher, and quite a lot of armor... here's hoping that's one of the later game enemies, or a boss of some sort o.O

Good work Ewa and team, keep it coming.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Side weapons will be modular, but I guess you should be afraid :P

Kinda reminds me of Alice (a combat-modified power loader) from the good old Alien vs. Predator 2 first-person shooter.

Keep those pictures coming, Ewa! :)

Meanwhile at ChaosForge headquarters :D https://twitter.com/Kicipici/status/836574376464158725


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