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Hunter's Moon - Exploring Ashburn, MI [OOC]

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Yar, that's the stuff. Does it have a name as well?

"You mean you didn't get it in the beginning?

"It's Desmond.  You don't need my last name."

Exquisite. Unusual for a professional to go by his first name instead of his last, but exquisite nonetheless.

I will start making arrangements for unleashing Ashburn upon Mr. Desmond.

EDIT: we are likely to have company soonish.

Additionally, since Invisible Castle is down, I've found another roller at Rolz - check the Rolz Forum Bookmarklet in the bottom left corner. Bookmarking the thing doesn't work for me, but the tool itself is nice:

Hi from the company :)
I'm looking forward to trying this out. For now I'm pondering on what character I wish to play :)

Welcome. And I happen to know you already have a couple of ideas lying around. Might as well share them here.


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