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Hunter's Moon - Exploring Ashburn, MI [OOC]

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To add a little flavor to the proceedings, check out this album for use as a soundtrack.

Guys, I'm out. There just isn't enough happening for me to keep it interesting. The speed of posting, and thus the story is way to slow for me to keep me motivated enough to play.
LuckyDee, if you ever want to play a game in real life, just let me know. 

Understandable. It hasn't been too hard to find a moment to consider the game, but contrary to real life stuff, you're constantly having to pick up the vibe again in order to produce something meaningful. Which - with a full time job and a part time education - has been harder than I'd expected.

Sorry to see you go, but no hard feelings.

@thelaptop, what are your thoughts on this?

If you don't mind a story-telling dialogue between you and I, I'm game to continue on.  The progress is a little slow, but it doesn't seem to be a problem to me, mostly because it's more role-playing and less combat/dice mangling.

Righteous. We'll keep on like this then, for now.


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