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Hunter's Moon - Exploring Ashburn, MI [OOC]

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I choose:

* Lock picking
* Music: Kazoo expert
* Psychology

Alright, that's our quantification for now. Please round it all off with a short description of your character. We already know he's a licensed Ashburn PI, and you'll have all the basic amenities that come with the job: your own office, with or without secretary; a set of wheels; a number of contacts from various walks of life - we won't extensively be keeping track of inventory, so anything you might logically own is no problem. Just remember to check before you leave your office. Any less common items you would like to be yours - such as a kazoo - you will need to come up with before we take off.

Most of your description will be about your background and mindset of course. What kind of family did you grow up in? What made you choose this profession? On a scale of 9 to 10, how much of a curmudgeon are you? ;)

In order for you to be able to check your ideas against my expectations, here's the basic concept of that which is to come: soon you will be given your next case, for which you will be thankful - it hasn't been a very busy time lately, and your funds are slinking. You can and would do anything your wits tell you to in order to solve it, with one exception: you may at no point resort to violence. In game terms, this translates to 'thou shalt not initiate combat'. Any combat you enter into, you lose. To keep things fair, I will not have NPCs initiate combat with you either, unless it serves to advance the story or you're begging for it. Threatening with violence is fair game, but failing an Intimidation test when doing so may spell trouble.

There are several reasons for this choice, the most important being 1) this isn't meant to be a combat oriented game and 2) I haven't decided quite yet what combat system to apply. Additionally, I think this restriction will trigger your creativity. I'm confident you're up for this.

I'm still here -- just got a bit busy in the office.  I'll augment this with my character background in around 12 hours.


--- Quote from: thelaptop on March 21, 2017, 17:47 ---I'm still here
--- End quote ---

I never doubted that. No rush, this month is pretty crazy for me, so I don't mind taking it easy.

"You want my life story?  Are you sure?  Alright then.

"I was born in Chicago.  Chicago's not an easy city to grow up in when you're poor.  You're not quite living in the slums, yet not quite living in the city.  I grew up there, many years ago.  Violence surrounded us, but somehow I've learnt to weasel my way out with words instead of blows -- my brothers always thought that I was a pansy for doing that.  Well, the joke's on them now -- they've all died from being involved in one fight too many.  One day, I got a little too cocky and found myself having to join one of the smaller street gangs to avoid having my thumbs cut off.  Luckily enough for me, their boss took a liking to me and found that I was good with my mouth.  He taught me a few other little tricks here and there, and often sent me out with his muscle to convince people to pay up.  Ma and pa didn't know about this... side line.  And they never will.

"Had to leave the city at some point when I hit twenty-five -- was getting too old for the small gang, and it was also clear that they were going to be mauled up by one of the larger organisations eventually.  Hitchhiked my way northwards away from Chicago and ended up moving through Michigan.  Became a runner of sorts for various lawful private investigators -- they all liked that I could get in, get information, and get out, all without getting hurt.  For a while, it was good.  But the money was starting to feel a bit light, so I decided when I was thirty that I had enough experience to really start up my own practice.

"That was nearly ten years ago.  Now I call Ashburn home, and run my own PI office there.  Legal and licensed, of course, complete with a secretary who helps with the reports and runs the office when I'm out on a case.  And calls the cops when the going gets heh 'out of scope' for a regular old PI.

"No, I've not gone back home to Chicago -- nothing there to go back to.  Parents died shortly after some mobsters went ahead to 'clean up' the neighbourhoods.  All I've brought back from there is this old kazoo.  Only enjoyment I allow myself.

"No, never been married.  Why is that even relevant?"


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