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Mobile, Again.


Hello everyone, long time stalker, first time poster.

Refering to the discussion over from this link:

Not sure what the problem might be in today's market, but you can take advantage of the modding scene that creates copyright and trademark material day and night without issues.

For example Elder Scrolls, Fallout, GTA to name a few.
What you do is strip the theme from your games (sounds/names/visuals/music) and sell it as barebones like the old versions ala ascii and package the theme seperately on your website as free downloads like the games mentioned above where when a user downloads oh... let's say doomrl theme? The related files match a predefined corresponding ID of the tiles, sounds names, objects and whatnot in the game, so it instead calls on them instead of displaying the barebones that way it only acts as a skin.

Now i'm not sure if it's possible due to restrictions and limitations on doomrl itself that only the devs would know about but this is a method that can help make your games be more modular with many future possibilities.


English is not my 1st nor my 2nd lang so sorry if i triggered any OCDs.

Moonshine Fox:
It would likely take an enormous amount of work that Kornel just doesn't have right now with the development of Jupiter Hell.

Interesting thought, and now that the game is open source, it's something someone with the necessary skills and inclination could potentially do. However as moonshine says, it probably won't be kornel, due to his current projects.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Also, it wont work well. There are several reasons -- major one being screenspace is too small for DoomRL sight range and the necessary UI.

In a perfect world, a roguelike could be adapted to tablets fairly well by implementing pinch-zoom and panning for the map. And a mobile/touch-friendly menus, of course.
As for now, I've only seen Pixel Dungeon do it right.
The second best tablet roguelike, Brogue, is ported from a PC and thus has to go a long way to implement a pinch-zoom.


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