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Although I can't find it anymore (without bothering to actually do something that could be considered searching), but I know we've been discussing other RLs at some point. My only contribution to this was Ragnarok, which I had fond memories of.

Well thanks to the great people of (formerly playdosgamesonline), it's back! Glory days! I asked them through Facebook to find it before I went to bed last night and it was online by the time I crawled back out again. Check it out here if you like. Check out their site either way, I got nostalgia coming out m'eyeballs.

I vaguely remember Ragnarok, but I never really got into it... Castle of the Winds was probably the closest game I played to that, but in general I was more into Angband, ADOM, and Nethack, in descending order of interest. I still play several Angband variants which are under active development, but it's good to know some of the older stuff is still out there somewhere.

Ragnarok was a fav of mine. Great to hear its back. Ill have to look them up on facebook then i guess. Haha yea good vibes here too :)


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