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Hunter's Moon - The Case of the Wayard Spouse [IC]

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"It's probably not for me." James thinks while he curiously peers over Desmonds shoulder into the hallway.

As the door leading from Saul's office onto the hallway swings open, the visitor indeed turns out to be standing at Desmond's door. Contrary to his implication though, this one is of the female persuasion. As she turns her head in your direction, obviously startled, her eyes initially stop at Desmond, standing in the doorway. "I... Excuse me... I just..." she starts off stuttering. As she speaks, her eyes fall upon the interior of Saul's office, where both James and Saul are trying hard to mask their curiosity - the former evidently more successful than the latter. As her eyes meet James', they widen considerably. "James? James, is that really you?" The young woman looks pretty haggard, so much so as to hinder immediate recognition, but her husky voice quickly completes the puzzle for you, James: it's your cousin Betty, the youngest girl of your father's elder brother. Last time you've seen her was at her wedding, two or three years ago, and you haven't been in touch much before nor after. The moment her observation truly lands, she bursts into tears and almost launches herself at Saul's doorway, in your direction.

James startles. "Betty? Is that really you? Why... I haven't seen you in years. How's the married life suiting you?" He takes a step forward, crowding the doorway. He sees his cousin standing in front of  Desmonds office and then realisation hits him. "You weren't looking for me at all were you? We're you looking for Desmond? Are you in some kind of trouble? I'm sure Desmond can help you though." James is switching glances from Betty to Desmond and back.   

The young woman all but rushes towards James, tears starting their downward path across her smooth skin and her red hair bounding its way around her head. She slips past Desmond and collapses into her cousin's arms, flinging her own around his shoulders. That's where she stays for a couple of moments, sobbing. Then she raises her face towards James' and says "It's Jack - her husband, to the best of James' knowledge - he's gone!" Again she lowers her head onto James' chest, and now the sobs turn into full-fledged moans.

"Now, now, I know this is hard," Desmond started, his air turning professional in an instant. "But can you try to start from the beginning?"

Desmond drags the chair he was sitting on and gestures towards James to guide her into it.

"I can't be of help if I have nothing to go on, right James?"


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