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some challenge mode ideas


(I know it's not in active development, just for fun)

angel of alertness: no run command, no giftdropping, and 'gifts' dropped by monsters (that die within a certain proximity to you) disappear after some time. Basically forces you to camp & explore manually, and removes the option to giftdrop. -If you want to camp in the demon infested halls of hell you have to do so one moment at a time.

archangel of alertness: same as the above but with a realtime turn timer

angel of death: this one's more of a gimmick but, the grim reaper has returned to retrieve its scythe. enemy vision radius is reduced but you can't attack. Every level has many health globes, and if you collect 3/4 of these, you can use a super version of the scythe's altfire which kills everything and doesn't cost health. Once you get the scythe from the cathedral you gain 95% damage resist and can melee instakill enemies. (basically you become invincible for the purposes of the game). Might be too easy as stated and require some additional challenge. Could also be deliberately too easy what with it being the grim reaper and all.

Personally I like these sorts of threads.  Sometimes you get some really fun ideas in them and it's always fun thinking about how you could implement them.

You can't disable run exactly but you can make it unusable.  Set player.tired = true every level and adjust everything that sets it false.

Giftdropping is an exploit in the being AI, which you can change, so you could disable giftdropping by modifying all monster AIs to ignore items.

Removing items on a timer, realtime or turn based, would be very tricky.  I think you'd have to scan the level every tick for items, push new ones into a queue with a timer, and destroy them when their timer is up.  Lot of busy work as items get picked up, used, or destroyed naturally though and it might not be possible to 100% know what items have been 'dropped' by a monster vs a player.

A modified pacifism where you can attack after getting most health globes would mean generating and totaling extra health globes every level, either counting them as you use them or scanning the level periodically since they can be destroyed, and adjusting the OnFire hook to only work if the globes are collected and the wielded weapon is the scythe.  And creating a new scythe with the modified alt fire.  A fair bit of work overall and a rickety solution but doable.

oops I meant repeat command when I said run! Idea being to make camping a bit more stressful and alertness-requiring like it would if you actually spent several hundred turns waiting at a corner.

With the 1st one you could maybe make monsters not pick items up at all, but be generated with them sometimes. Or tie them picking things up to a timer, so they have like 20 turns after the level starts to pick things up (or however little is necessarry)


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